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Megan Farrabee

Megan, a student at Kent State University, Stark campus, works with a variety of 2-D and 3-D media.

Catherine Fithian

Colored pencil and oil paintings

Jim Grand Studios

Oil and acrylic paintings, limited edition prints - primarily scenic, landscapes and occasional still life

Jane Heater

Photography - Finding hidden beauty in creation

Carolyn R. Jacob

The Color Shoppe - Images for Interior Decor - A Division of Carolyn R. Jacob Photography

Judi Krew

Snarky Art. Acrylic paintings that focus on wit and humor to highlight the lives of women, oversized soft pastel portraits which capture momentary expressions, and small scale sculptural dresses from the House of Hoard


A blog site by Judi Krew that relates to art and life in general.

Carol Mendenhall

Acrylic Art, Clay Print, Mixed Media, Monotype, Pastel, Drawing, Tempera, Watercolor - A variety of artwork including abstract and representational

Michelle Mulligan

Mulligan Stew - Art, life, and other ingredients

Anna Rather

Prints of Anna's artwork

Irene Tobias Rodriguez

Acrylic Paintings, Gourd Art, Quilts, Miscellaneous Art - assorted subjects including maritime, floral, still life, landscapes, animals, "puzzle paintings"

Reflections of an Artist

Artwork and Writings by Irene Tobias Rodriguez

Sarah Shumaker

"I love to experiment with every medium I can get my hands on and enjoy the challenge of combining traditional and non-traditional media or using materials in innovative ways."

Louise Udovich

Custom Painted Murals

Kevin Walton

"My motivation for, and intention in all that I do artistically can be found in my love of history."